Subs / Suppliers

Trust. Reliability. A Wealth of Experience and Resources. Kraemer brings all of these and more to every project. For over a century, we have been a leader in the heavy highway and infrastructure design-build process. We have fostered strong relationships with clients, engineering firms, and other contractors to address design and constructability issues, allowing all parties to enjoy the benefits of cost and schedule efficiencies. We continue to seek out opportunities to work directly with such firms by furnishing the highest quality design and delivering a quality end product that exceeds expectations.

In combination with our extensive design-build and CMGC experience, Kraemer welcomes opportunities to joint venture with quality-minded contractors. Through such joint ventures, we can help all parties tap new markets, increase operating capacity, and gain from the added resources and shared risks. In short, Kraemer is an ideal partner for leveraging the many opportunities in today’s competitive construction market.

Please contact us for information regarding current bidding opportunities.

“In particular, Kraemer-Obayashi does an exceptional job reaching out to our community, coordinating and communicating with various stakeholders, building critical contacts and partnerships, and engaging a collaborative process that is both personal and responsive to meeting community values.” — T. Mauck, Clear Creek County Commissioner