US 6 & 19th Street Interchange


The City of Golden (CO) contracted with Kraemer to provide preconstruction and construction services for the US 6 and 19th Street Interchange CM/GC project. Kraemer developed phasing that modified a heavily used four-way intersection with significant pedestrian usage into a roundabout without major impacts on traffic. The US 6 and 19th Street Interchange improvements include a grade-separated interchange. The new bridge, or “lid”, includes a landscaped and irrigated park, picnic tables, a shade shelter, and a dedicated uphill bike lane on the new structure. Other improvements include connecting on and off ramps, 19th Street reconstruction and realignment, new drainage, and pedestrian walkway and regional bike trail improvements. Improvements helped connect the neighborhoods west of US 6 with the thriving downtown and adjacent City of Golden neighborhoods to the east.