E-470 Highway Widening


This $82 million project stretches eight miles of E-470 from Quincy to I-70 east of Denver. The work included expanding 14 northbound and southbound bridge structures at seven locations, adding on/off ramps, upgrading signals, improving drainage, and asphalt paving. To improve the public’s safety, we added a third lane and relocated ramps to accommodate free-flowing traffic and a future fourth lane. We built 12-foot shoulders inside and outside the travel lanes for vehicle pull-off and emergency response and to improve drainage. The additional lanes were constructed to provide short- and long-term trip reliability with free-flow traffic at 75-mph posted speeds to increase trip reliability. We added deer fencing and more game ramps to prevent animals from entering the roadway. The team also extended the High Plains Trail from Quincy to Stephen D. Hogan Parkway for six miles.