MN-DNR Coon Rapids Dam Rehabilitation


Kraemer replaced the 20-year-old pneumatic/inflatable rubber gate system at the Coon Rapids Dam on the Mississippi River to provide enhanced environmental protection against migrating Asian Carp. Our work included the removal of existing pneumatic gates systems and demolition of the existing concrete spillway to accommodate the new crest gate system, in addition to the demolition and removal of the existing pile-supported stilling basin. A new pile-supported stilling basin was constructed. Previously, the carp were able to leap over the shorter, inflatable-type barriers. To provide a higher barrier of protection, we installed nine bays of eight-foot-high gates and refurbished the control gate. Additional work included minor concrete repairs on above-grade structures, underwater joint and crack repairs, and small area underwater concrete repairs on the existing stilling basin.

The project won several awards including MSPE Exceptional Engineering, ACEC Grand Award, and ACEC National Recognition.