Bay City Bridges: Liberty Bascule Bridge Rehabilitation


Liberty Bascule Bridge

As a joint venture member for Bay City Bridge Partners, a subsidiary of United Bridge Partners, Kraemer served as a construction contractor for the rehabilitation of the 2,345-ft. long Liberty Bascule Bridge and the Independence Bridge in Bay City, Michigan. The Bay City Liberty Bridge, which opened in the summer of 2023, required full removal and replacement of the mechanical, electrical, and control systems for a 209-ft. double-leaf bascule bridge segment over the Saginaw River. This was a complex rehabilitation of all movable systems while coordinating with the U.S. Coast Guard for required navigation outages. Additionally, the approach spans required full deck replacement over the river. Environmental concerns included contaminated soil under the bridge which could not be disturbed during bridge construction. The bridge required 6,100 cubic yards of new concrete and 2.3 million pounds of rebar. Most of the project including all deck replacement was completed under a tight timeframe in 2022, with final commissioning of the movable bridge in spring 2023.

Independence Bascule Bridge

The Independence Bridge rehabilitation includes repairs and improvements to the footings and foundations, substructure and substructure, bridge deck/roadway connections, bascule electrical and mechanical systems, upgrade to operator house, and decorative and functional enhancements. The bridge is on track for completion in late 2024.