1940 – 1960

In the 1940s, the advent of WWII resulted in numerous new contracts in preparation for the war. From 1940 to 1942 the company engaged in construction of ammunition plants, government trailer camps and airport runways. Significant events included: first out of state contracts were in the years of WWII; construction of a government camp in Coffeyville, Kansas; and construction of Cincinnati Airport located in Erlanger, Kentucky.

The company experienced rapid expansion in the 1950s. These were the years the road building industry matured and the company expanded to construction contracts on a state and national level. Significant events included: first multi-million dollar contract – 170 day contract on Highway 51 between Mercer and Hurley County, Wisconsin; construction contract on the first Atomic Energy Plant located south of Detroit; ownership of 70 quarries including the Burnsville Quarry in Burnsville, Minnesota which is still in operation today; and in the late 1950′s construction of buildings was dropped from the Kraemer portfolio as the road and bridge business multiplied.